Friday, October 28, 2011

Giving Props When They are Due

Today I submitted my second Scholastic book club order, but it was the first order I placed where someone besides myself placed an order.  I actually had 2 other people place orders.  It took me close to an hour to figure it all out.  Some of it was because of the way their computer ordering system works and part of it was because I triple checked everything before clicking the "Order" button.

This process has taught me one thing... I have a new-found appreciation for teachers who end up getting orders from 10+ families (as I know my son's kindergarten teacher did).  All I know is that I'm a bit scared that in the next couple month I will probably have people ordering Christmas gifts which means I could end up with more orders.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Overscheduled = Stress and Fun

I think it's safe to say that the last few weeks, my schedule has been WAY. TOO. FULL. 

A few weeks ago the kids and I flew to Virginia to visit with family and friends up there.  We were going to be coming back the day before a presentation for a homeschool group they are in so we completed a project that we needed to bring with us.

 Earth my son made (Western Hemisphere shown)
 Earth daughter & I made (Africa & Europe shown)
Cross section of one to show the layers of the earth.  This was for an earth science unit.

Luckily we got everything done before we left for Virginia.  Unfortunately, my kids did not take a nap on the return flight or drive so we ended up skipping the class where we would have shown these projects.  I just knew that taking the kids to class with them only having 7 hours of sleep was not something I wanted to do.

While in Virginia, we saw my nephew (3 weeks old at the time) and his parents, hubby's grandparents and mother (who was also visiting my nephew - her grandson), my parents, my brother, and some friends.  The kids really liked seeing their cousin.  I think they are both enjoying the idea of having a 1st cousin.

After our whirlwind tour of Virginia we flew back home and two days later went on a field trip to a local zoo.  The kids and I had a blast.  The other homeschoolers we meet there (most for the first time) were wonderful.  This particular zoo didn't have a lot of different animals, but they did have a lot of shows and meet the keeper talks that my kids found really interesting.  In fact, my son stumped a trainer with a couple of his questions.

Note the tie dye shirts we made for field trips (I was wearing one too).  We had multiple comments 
that it was a great idea.  Doesn't hurt that the kids and I had fun making them.

Right after the zoo, the kids and I drove to my cousin's house for a sleep over (he and his family live 30 minutes from the zoo).  While there, the kids carved pumpkins, went swimming (not for long because the water was cold), and played with my cousin's boys (who happen to be only a couple months older than each of my kids).  It was nice seeing them playing together while the adults got to chat with each other.  Now that we live close, I'm hoping we'll see them again soon.

Since returning from Virginia, we've also had doctor's appointments, shopping trips, school, and planting starters for a garden.  Next on our list is a science fair project for my son.  We've also got a few more field trips planned soon.

Those people who think that homeschoolers just sit around the house in their pj's all day have got it ALL wrong.  We are always on the go, but you know what, I really think that all the stress (for me) has created fun learning opportunities for my kids.  Let the crazy continue!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Working Towards a Better Me

While back in Virginia, I visited with a couple of my friends who've inspired me to be a better me.  They inspired me to exercise more, watch what I eat, and be a better mom, wife, and teacher.  To that end, I've:
  • been getting up earlier (to get things done before the kids get up), 
  • been making a concerted effort to watch what I eat,
  • started to exercise again.

Yesterday I joined Nerd Fitness' 6 week challenge for a little added accountability in the exercise and diet areas (  I am completely stoked and excited to start on this path to a new me.

I'll keep you posted on how things go.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Little Bit of Random

I have been so busy the last week or so (and I don't see it letting up in the near future), so rather than deprive you of my blogging, I will just give you a few random thoughts that have come to mind lately.

  • Driving into Fort Lauderdale the other day I noticed on those DMV signs that there was a "silver alert."  First thing that came to mind: Do they do that when an older person goes missing?
  • I will not go into details, but after the birth of our daughter, hubby and I decided that it was best if I not have children anymore.  For the longest time, I was completely OK with that.  After holding my nephew the other day, I had a little bit of regret (until I thought of the sleepless nights and the frantic days with the 2 children I already have).
  • I have always loved the changing of the leaves in the fall.  I had forgotten though that they don't like me.  I can't stand fall allergies.
  • Coming back to Virginia in the fall is certainly helping me appreciate the warmer weather in Florida.  It's funny, we're driving around looking at people in VA who are wearing shorts and t-shirts and we think they must be crazy.  After our trip to VA, we're pretty sure we're going to be doing the same thing in Florida in December (because we can) and will probably have people looking at us like we're nuts.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yep, I'm THAT Mom

At least I'm sure that's what the nurse at my kids new pediatrician is thinking right now.  You see, I've called their office 3 times today trying to find out test results for a sample taken yesterday around lunch.

They would be too if they were dealing with the circumstances that I am right now.
  1. I KNOW my daughter has an infection (she's had 4 of them in the last 6 months so I know the signs).  
  2. We are leaving town soon and I want her to be on the antibiotics for a while before we go.  
  3. My daughter is experiencing excruciating pain and watching her go through that makes me want to cry.  Her screaming from the pain was so bad today at the store that an employee checked on us to make sure we were ok.  (I think she was making sure I wasn't beating my child, but I can appreciate that.)
All I know is that I have conquered.  She does have an infection and they were waiting for the cultures to come back.  Rather than make her wait for those to determine which antibiotic to give her, they are just going to give her something a bit more aggressive which considering she's had the "easy" antibiotic for previous bouts is probably a good thing.

This is one Mom who is happy to be known as the pest.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Living Life

Sorry I have not blogged lately.  Needless to say, I have found it more important to enjoy life than to blog right now.  The kids and I have been doing all kinds of things for school as well as getting ready for our trip to Virginia (which is only a few days away). 

Not only that, but many of the things we've been doing are not the sorts of things that I think people want to read about.  In light of that and how busy I've been, I just decided not to post anything for a while.

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy with all kinds of things, so hopefully I will have some fun and exciting things to share soon.  Till then, I hope you have a chance to enjoy life as well.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy Times

The last few days have been a busy time for this Mama (and my house shows it).  The family is going to be visiting my nephew in Virginia soon and before we go, we've had a bunch of things to get done (mostly for school).  We've been creating a paper mache earth for a presentation they will be giving the day after we get back (a multi-day process).  We've also tie dyed some t-shirts that we will use for field trips (as well as in the airport).

A couple nights ago we were also able to use the certificates we got when we got our library cards.  I have always loved sunsets and sunsets on the water are even better so to be able to enjoy a dinner in a restaurant at the end of a pier followed by an hour on Charlotte Harbor was a wonderful thing.  The charter company this was through, also offers other "cruises" that I might just have to try out one time.

 We had visitors
 So happy
 This ones for you Dad.  Jon was drooling too.
 Love how I actually got the bird in the pic (that never happens).

Monday, October 3, 2011

Got Stalkers? I do.

Yep.  I have people following me.  Today I took my kids out to run some errands.  I noticed lots of people looking our way.   I figured that people were intrigued by our car.  The sales guy from the dealership said to expect people to ask us about it, so I figured whatever.  No one actually said anything, so I figured maybe that part was just hype.

Well, it's not.  Tonight I took my daughter to swim lessons and as I was getting out of the car I was asked (politely) by someone if they could look at my car.  I quickly remember that I had been given a stack of business cards from the sales guy so I grabbed one.  (You see we were told that if someone walks into the dealership with a business card with one of our names on it and ends up buying a car, we would get a $100 check sent to us.  They said that one guy had his car payment covered one month.  So, why not right?)  Luckily, I had given us a little buffer time or we would have gotten to her class late.

On the way home from the swim class, I was sitting at a stop light and looked in the rear view mirror to notice an iPhone staring back at me.  Yep.  Someone was taking a picture or video of the back of my car (not it's finest feature I might add). 

Not only that, but when I turned down the street to get to my house, they followed me.  As they passed me backing into my driveway I watched them crane their neck and slow down to get a better look.  Being that there are lots of houses down my street (and it's a through street),  I have no way of knowing if they turned just to see the car or if they were going to make the turn anyway.

All I know is that I now need to give myself more time when I go places, and I need to make sure I have business cards on hand and easily accessible at all times.  Oh, and a sense of humor with this is going to be a MUST.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Educational Success

In addition to buying a new car yesterday, we went to what was called a "Knowledge Faire."  It was aimed at homeschoolers and was designed to give the kids some fun things to do as well as give parents the opportunity to look at some books, games, and curriculum that could be useful to their family.  It cost a few dollars per person to get in, but I decided if it meant I could look at and touch some of these things it would be worth it.

I loved that my kids could do some of the fun yet educational things.  Among other things, they had a First robot team which my son LOVES and they had some representatives from Busch Gardens there with a few animals which my daughter loves. 

But the main reason I was there was to see if I could find some games that would help me get my son reading as well as something to help my daughter recognize a few numbers and letters she's still having problems with.   I did find a few things that I'm considering, but if anything what I found was that I am not giving myself enough credit.  Some of the ideas that have been made into games are very simple.  If someone else can do it, why can't I?  Give me some time and maybe the kids and I can come up with a game we can sell.

As great as all the game ideas were, the thing that I really enjoyed was watching the surprise on someone's face when my son answered a rather tough question correctly.  To be honest, I didn't think he remembered the answer, but he did.  It feels so good knowing that although the method I've chosen to use to teach my son is what some would consider unconventional, it seems to be working.

It made yesterday go from a good day to a great day.