Thursday, July 26, 2012

What just happened?

The last couple days have been rather hectic in my household.  I've been going in to the office more lately to meet with various people who are trying to help me learn how to use the systems they have to my advantage (I'm all for that).  I've also spent a few hours on the accounting job I got recently.

Yesterday, we spent a few hours with my Aunt and her boyfriend as they made final preparations to move from Florida to California.  We ended up coming home with a few things they couldn't take with them and went back today for a few more things we couldn't fit in the first trip.  Rather than sleeping on a double mattress on the floor, we now have a queen size mattress and box spring on a frame.  We're too tired to unload it tonight, but I'm looking forwarding to an excellent night's sleep tomorrow.

This morning we got up very early so that we could pick up a wall unit that someone had listed on Freecycle.  We've been looking for something like this and hubby had found something a week ago for $100 but it was just a little bit too tall (our ceilings are kinda low).   This is such a blessing not only because it fits the space and our needs, but it cost us nothing but time.  I really need the space it offers so that I can be more organized while working from home so I can't wait to get it all set up. 

Top all of this off with the fact that today I got to meet my first clients!  I took them to see two possible homes.  Although they don't want to purchase either of them, they want to look at another house in the same neighborhood as one of the houses we saw as soon as we can get in (it's being painted right now).

Oh, and Sunday afternoon I'm doing an open house for a $1.2M house that is just GORGEOUS!  Do I expect to sell the house?  No, but I hope I get a few new clients from it.  At a minimum I will be able to get all kinds of ideas on how I would like to renovate our house.  It's a shame I can't move our house to a canal with an 80 foot dock.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lazy Me

I'm sorry I haven't been that communicative lately.  Needless to say things have been a bit hectic.  So here's what has kept me so busy:

1.  My parents visited for just over 2 weeks and we got all kinds of things done while they were here.  Among them, fixing a leak in our pool, cutting down and hauling away 6 or 7 trees, removing a couple sections of wooden fence that was starting to fall apart, preparing the area around the pool for my pineapple garden, and just doing some visiting (one of our favorite methods of relaxing was in the pool right after doing yard work - can you blame us?).

Dirty?  Nah!  Can you say pool time (after rinsing with the hose first)
2.  Starting my new career.  When my parents arrived, I was studying for and taking my real estate license test.  Since then I've been filling out paperwork and getting settled at the office.  I think I will be ready to take calls and emails the middle of next week.  Yay!

3.  I've been trying to organize the house more, so that it will run a little more smoothly in my absence.  I've also been showing hubby how to do some things that I usually do (like grocery shop using coupons).

4.  I made these poor man's curtains.  The blinds that were here before were cracked and would not open correctly, so I made these curtains out of table cloths found at the local ReStore.  I added mattress covers to the back to make them a little thicker.  With the thread, costs were less than $7.

5.  We had to move our business bank account (again), because the new bank started charging us fees (you know the reason we moved from the last bank).  I'm loving the new bank (a credit union actually) so we may move our personal accounts there soon too.

6.  We've also been busy shuttling the kittens around.  Saturday and Sunday they go to a pet store that is about 30 minutes away so that they can be seen and possibly adopted.  One of the kittens also got hurt and has required a couple trips to the vet.  None have been adopted yet, but a couple of them have gotten some attention so I think it's a matter of time.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today I went into the real estate office where I'm going to work to speak to the broker who is going to be responsible for my actions.  Makes sense to me that he would want to meet me before agreeing to be responsible for me.  I was told the meeting would be about 30 minutes or so.  He would talk to me, ask me a few questions, and then I would have a few papers to fill out to get my license activated.

Needless to say, it didn't go quite like that.  I did talk to the broker for 30 minutes, but then he brought in an HR guy to go over the paperwork with me.  I didn't leave the office for 2 more hours after that.  Near the end of the paper signing I know I had a glazed over look in my eye (I was told I did).  Part of it was that I was anticipating a 30 minute meeting and the other part was that my daughter had a playdate scheduled which I got home 1 hour late for.  Thanks Mom for covering for me.

Now that the playdate is over, I've had a little time to contemplate all that was discussed during the 2.5 hours of meetings today.  My life is about to change!  In a big way.  I'm about to get busier.  I'm about to learn lots of new things.  And it's going to require an outlay of money on my part, but hopefully I will be making some money soon too. 

All of this is exciting (I get to act like an adult again), and a little scary (I HAVE to act like an adult again). 

Right now, I think I'm just going to relax and spend some time with my kids.  You know before my life gets even more hectic.

Monday, July 9, 2012

His Eye Is On the Sparrow

Have you heard of the song "His Eye On the Sparrow"?  It talks about how God watches out for little sparrows.  If God takes care of sparrows, then how much more will He take care of His people?  Well, I've gotten to experience that care recently.  As my regular readers are aware, due to circumstances beyond our control I have had to look for work recently. 

I decided to go into real estate because it gives me some flexibility with my schedule.  The down side is that it will take a while to start bringing in some money.  The good news is that I passed the state test last week and now I'm just waiting to finalize paperwork with my new employer so that I can start working.

Needless to say, the though of no income for a few more months is a scary prospect.  I know God will provide, but not knowing how is a bit disconcerting for the planner in me.  Well, a few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook for someone who was looking for a part-time bookkeeper who is familiar with an accounting program that I've been using for 8 years.  A program that I've been wanting to get away from for over a year (the irony was not lost on me).  I contacted them on Friday and found out on Sunday that they had picked me!  I will only be doing about 5 - 10 hours a week for them, but I have 6 months of work to help them catch up on first and they want it done in the next few weeks.  That means income in the very near future.  Yay!

You can't tell me the Lord doesn't look out for His children, cause He's certainly looking out for me and my family.