Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where'd That Come From?!?!

Did you ever have one of those days where you had everything planned out and then things didn't go as you planned?  Today was one of those for me. 

This morning I took the kids on a trip to see a play with their homeschool group (awesome by the way).  Then after the play, was a preview of a house followed by an inspection.  If all things went well, I would take the kids to their play, have time to eat lunch at home when dropping them off before heading back out.  Then I should have been back by 4:30.

I didn't get home till 5:15, but I did get all those other things done.  In addition:
  • I had computer issues (multiple times).  
  • Those issues caused me to almost miss a deadline.  I made it by 7 minutes only to find out 4 hours later that the deadline wasn't quite as written in stone as I was lead to believe.  
  • And I also dealt with numerous out-of-the-blue phone calls.
All I know is that I'm chalking it up to being a Monday.  A Monday where lots of people had off work so they were available to bother contact me.

The good thing that came out of this?  Hubby saw how frazzled I was and got Chinese for dinner so I didn't have to make anything.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

You Never Know What You'll Learn on a Field Trip

Anyone who knows my daughter well, knows that she loves animals.  She's never been into dolls.  She's always been into stuffed animals and even rubber or plastic animals. 

And her all time favorites for the last few years have been birds (exotics) and dolphins.  Considering how smart these animals are, she knows they can be trained so that is now what she wants to pursue.  So when one of the homeschool groups we are a part of set up a field trip yesterday to a local "zoo" that is known for it's birds, I jumped at the chance.  I guarded that day from work like you wouldn't believe, because I knew she would LOVE this trip.

And I was right!  Not only did we get to see lots of birds,

I'm guessing there were at least 20 - 30 macaws.

We got to see a reptile show,

Seriously not willing to get close to that.
A wildlife show,

This owl had some character.  I loved watching his "horns"

And a bird show. 

One of the more famous birds: Frosty was on the Ed Sullivan show in the 60's riding his unicycle.

And after the bird show she got to hold one of the birds from the show (not Frosty).  Can you say happy?!?

Their claws apparently tickle.  The marks left behind make me think otherwise.

We also got to ask the trainer what she studied in college so we now know what my daughter needs to focus on (biology of course, but psychology too - who knew?). 

Overall, a great day:  The kids had lots of fun, we made some new friends, learned lots, and it was a beautiful day to top it off.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The New, "Old School"

I admit it, I'm getting older.  We all are.  Each day we are one day older than the day before, and I'm okay with that.  But there are some things that help you realize just how old you are.

An example that easily comes to mind... when one of my kids asks me, "Did they have X (color TV or Legos for example) when you were a kid?"  Then there's the, "What's that Mommy?" while pointing to a telephone book that was delivered to our house the other day.  Another was realizing that my son will be 10 (double digits folks) in 3 months.  CRA! ZY!

And a couple days ago a good friend of mine sent me an email.  Why does that make me feel old?  Because she sent an email because sending an actual letter was just too old school.  Sending a letter... old school?  I suppose so, but it seems so odd that's it's gone out of fashion so quickly.

That got me thinking.  My son is familiar with email;  how it works and what it's for.  My daughter has a general knowledge of it, but has never sent or received one.  They are not old enough to have an account, but I'm sure Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or something very similar will be their version of email in the future.  Will their kids be asking them one day what Facebook was? 

I'm not sure.  But I sure hope when it happens, they feel as old as I do when they ask me their questions.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


For my cat is finally happening. 

She's been able to reclaim the couch, the window sill, and our laps.

Only a week without the other 2 cats and she has reclaimed the house and her joy.  Doesn't this just scream happy cat to you?

Not a care in the world... Slept like this for quite a while.