Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where to Begin?

Someone mentioned to me the other day that I haven't posted much lately.  We've had so much going on, many of which are on a deadline.  Priorities being what they are, blog posts have been put on hold.  So what have we been up to over the last couple months?

  • A trip to Sea World with Grandma & Grandpa and a group of homeschoolers
  • Nerf party for my son's birthday  (turned out great, will try to do a separate blog about this later)
  • Girl Scout cookies sales (booth sales as well as walking through neighborhoods taking orders)
  • Field trip to Spanish Point where we learned about the Spanish settlers in Florida (goes really well with their Florida History class this year)
  • Spent a few hours at the Southwest FL Herritage Festival where we learned about the Florida pioneers (again, goes really well with their Florida History class this year)
  • Karate (My son decided he had better things to do than karate so he quit going the end of January.  My daughter quite the end of February for the same reason.)
  • Archery Lessons (these are weekly and have pretty much taken the place of the karate class).  The really cool thing about these is the entire family can go, so hubby's been able to take lessons a couple times and so have I.
  • Kittens.  We've been caring for a pregnant cat who was found wandering a nearby neighborhood. Last Saturday she had 6 kittens.  They are all doing well, but we are currently acclimating Mama and babies to the fact that people are friends and not foes. They are doing quite well but have their moments of mistrust (luckily no biting or scratching - just hissing so far). 
  • Lots of Showings and a few houses under contract. 
  • Real estate licensing. Many people don't know that working in real estate requires continuing education.  If you don't complete the re-certification course by a certain time every 2 years, your license is made inactive and you can no longer practice till it you complete the course.  Well, the end of March is that date for me.  Luckily I finished a couple days ago.  Very important that I did too or those contracts I mentioned above... I don't get the commission.  
  • Shift change.  A couple weeks ago, hubby was informed he would be moving from night shift to day shift for 4 - 6 weeks.  He just completed the first week of the day shift.  Considering my husband is a night owl, this shift has been hard on him physically.  It's also been hard on the family because now I don't have him home during the day to watch the kids if I have to head out for work.  Luckily, my parents and some friends have offered to help (and I've taken them up on it).  I've also been showing houses to fellow homeschoolers lately, so I've even brought my kids along to hand out with their kids.
  • Taxes.  I've barely started these and they are due April 15 of course.  I think I'll be getting money back but I'm not sure, so I have to at least get some basic numbers imputed so I know if the 15th is really my deadline.  Whatever the case, this will probably have me busy for the next couple weeks so I apologize in advance for going off the grid again.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Giddy as a School Girl

I have not really exercised in about 2 years.  My neighborhood isn't what I would consider pedestrian-safe and gym hours don't work well for our homeschool family.  Yes, I've fit in the occasional crunch, squats, or weights but I've found that nothing gets me motivated for those things like a bit of cardio work.

So when a friend said she had a treadmill to GIVE AWAY I jumped on the opportunity.  Today I actually used it for the first time since I got it.  I hate to admit it, but I've had the treadmill for a couple weeks; I just didn't have the place to put it.  It's still not exactly where I want it, but at least it's usable.

I didn't do much (1.25 miles), but considering it's been 2 years, I figured I'd start out slow and get my bearings.  I need to get some new shoes too, so I didn't want to overdo it in the nasty shoes I have (who needs shin splints?).  AND I didn't want to put it off any more especially since I'm thinking of doing a 5K in early May and a half-marathon in November.  Gotta get cracking! 

And yes folks... I am one of those crazy people that likes to exercise.  It's good to be getting back to it.  Now to regularly fit it into my already crazy schedule... that's going to be a challenge.

Precious!  My precious!

Friday, March 21, 2014

All Things Great and Small

Life in my house has been busy to say the least.  I will try to update on some of those details soon, but right now I just wanted to share some things that have gone on lately.

Things seen around my yard in the last week:

Baby Mud Turtle (My daughters hand for perspective)

Baby Ring-neck snake (No hand for perspective. Duh!  Trust me it's the size of a worm).

Now we are waiting for this great thing (her poor belly) to deliver some small things.

So many opportunities lately to see some really cool stuff.